About the Maker Passport

What is it?

mak·er | Noun | mākər: A person that creates, founds, or originates, bringing new things into existence; hacker, artist, designer, architect, author, entrepreneur, inventor.

ThingTank Lab is excited to announce the Canadian Maker Passport! The first passports will be distributed at SoOnCon on September 30th. If we do say so ourselves, they are pretty awesome and we can’t wait to get them in everyone’s hands.

The Canadian Maker Passport encourages greater collaboration between individuals at the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship and design. This Passport also acts as an entry point for individuals interested in following their passion and discovering what the Canadian maker community has to offer.

Canada has a rich ecosystem of organizations and events that are dedicated to exploring ideas and creating new things. Get out there and explore. Meet new people and create together. By sharing ideas and building cross-disciplinary connections we can encourage more creativity and innovation…not to mention have a lot of fun.

It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a hacker, artist, designer, architect, author, entrepreneur, inventor, or none of the above…if interested in meeting interesting people, collaborating and exploring possibilities you’ve come to the right place.


How does it work?

Frankly, pretty much like a Canadian passport… but without all the controversies and security issues. Canadian makers (whether members of a hacker/maker space or not) are invited to get their hands on a copy of the Maker Passport and collect stamps from the various hackerspaces and  hacker/maker events throughout the country or even abroad! Conversely, space & events organizers are invited to create their own personalized stamps.

Current participants stamping Maker Passports are ThinkHaus, Site3, Interaccess, Hacklab.to, SoOnCon, ThingTank Lab, kwartzlab, Diyode and unLondon. We’re always looking for more spaces and events to add to the passport.

Looking to get involved or want to get your hands on a passport? Feel free to email katherine.hague [care of] gmail.com or me.belanger [care of] utoronto.ca to get involved!


Inspiration & Acknowledgements

The Canadian Maker Passport is greatly indebted to the terrific work that Mitch Altman and Matthew Borgatti did with the Hackerspace Passport.


Open Source Licensing

The passport is released under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License CC BY-SA. Share and Remix!


The Canadian Maker Passport is inspired by and based on the great work of Mitch Altman and Matthew Borgatti on the Hackerspace Passport.

Canadian Maker Passport: Design, illustration and copy by Marie-Eve Belanger and Katherine Hague, ThingTank Lab.